Board / Committees

Columbine Valley Homeowners Association

The Columbine Valley Homeowners association Board of Directors is currently comprised of seven homeowner volunteers who function as the stewards of the Association in protecting, preserving and enhancing the quality of life of the community residents, as well as the value of the property owned by the members individually and collectively. The Board meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall, #2 Middlefield Road.

The 2018-2019 Directors are as follows:

President: Tim Vandel

Directors:   Jared Hamilton, Kerrie Malone, Marie Pilkington, Michael Cope

Treasurer: Tim Vandel

Note: For information regarding dues, transfer fees, etc.,  please contact President, Tim Vandel, 303.974.0904, Because the Association does not own property, CIC Documents are not applicable. Status letters are available on request. 


The Columbine Valley Homeowners Association Board of Directors has established two standing committees, as well as four volunteer member committees:

Anyone interested in volunteering for one or more of our committees should contact Tim Vandel, Columbine Valley Homeowners Association President at (303) 974-0904.

Standing Committees:

Architectural Control Committee: This long standing committee is responsible for reviewing and approving Columbine Valley "Old Town" homeowner's building and remodeling plans. Tim Vandel serves as the chairman of the ACC. Homeowners should contact Tim at (303)974-0904, or at to submit architectural plans for review, along with a complete Building Plan Submission Form and the following review fee made payable to the Columbine Valley HOA:

                $100 for construction projects under $100,000

                $250 for construction projects over $100,000

Water Committee: This long-standing committee is responsible for working jointly with Columbine Country Club to coordinate the groundwater usage for lawn watering among Columbine Valley "Old Town" homeowners.

Volunteer Member Committees:

The Columbine Valley Homeowners Association Board of Directors invite homeowners to join one or more of the committees that have been established to enrich our community. It is a great way to get involved, meet neighbors and have some fun at the same time.

Hospitality Committee: This committee plays an important role in celebrating our neighbors' good times ad helping during the difficult times. We welcome all new homeowners to the neighborhood with a welcome gift, acquaint them with the area and make them feel at home in our neighborhood. We also send sympathy cards as circumstances arise.
Entrances/Holiday Decorating Committee: This committee helps to plan the summer and holiday "look" of the community including decorations, lighting and plantings.