Columbine Valley Homeowners Association has adopted the following Use & Building Restrictions, as well as Rules & Regulations to guide the look and feel of the community.

Use & Building Restrictions: Originally adopted in 1955, and amended in 1996, these restrictions guide the architectural design in the Columbine Valley Homeowners Association community.

Rules & Regulations: Adopted in 2006, these rules and regulations supplement the original Use & Building Restrictions document above.

Building Plan Submission Form: Prior to receiving a building permit from the Town of Columbine Valley, homeowners must first submit plans to the Columbine Valley Homeowners Association's Architectural Committee (ACC) for approval. This long-standing committee is responsible for reviewing and approving Columbine Valley "Old Town" homeowner's building and remodeling plans.Tim Vandel serves as the chairman of the ACC. Homeowners should contact Tim at (303) 974-0904, or at, to submit architectural plans for review, along with a complete Building Plan Submission Form and the following review fee made payable to the Columbine Valley HOA:

                $100 for construction projects under $100,000

                $250 for construction projects over $100,000

Following approval of building plans by the ACC, homeowners may submit plans to the Town of Columbine Valley for review and approval. Once receiving approval by the Town, a building permit will be issued.

Columbine Valley HOA Bylaws

On November 26, 2013 Columbine Valley residents voted to approve the proposed updated and amended Bylaws.  A copy of the Amended and Restated Bylaws is attached here. 

Columbine Valley HOA Policies and Procedures

Columbine Valley Homeowners Association has adopted the following Policies and Procedures pursuant to C.R.S. 38-33.3-209.5 at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors. Point to and right click the specific Policy to open each document.
CVHOA Policy Regarding Board Member Conflicts of Interest
CVHOA Policy Regarding Conduct of Meetings
CVHOA Policy Regarding Dispute Resolution
CVHOA Policy Regarding Inspection & Copying of Assoc Records
CVHOA Policy Regarding Reserves
CVHOA Policy Regarding the Adoption & Amendment of Policies & Rules
CVHOA Collection Policy
CVHOA Enforcement Policy
CVHOA Investment Policy

HOA Regulations

Columbine Valley Homeowners Association